Seeing is Believing – Imaging the Processes of Life

J. Ellenberg, J. Lippincott-Schwartz

EMBL Advanced Training Centre, Heidelberg, Germany

Thursday 17 March - Sunday 20 March 2011



Venue: EMBL Advanced Training Centre, Flex Lab B

Workshop Session 1: From 11.30am to 1.00pm

Expert Optics for Expert Jobs

Dr. Florian Eich

Olympus will present objectives dedicated to todays applications. Silicone immersion lenses, specially designed for long-term time-lapse experiments. Micro-probe objectives to access your sample in a minimal-invasive approach, a super corrected lens to literally eliminate chromatic aberration throughout the whole visible spectrum. And of course the famous multi-photon-excitation dedicated 25X objective.




Workshop Session 2: From 1.30pm to 3.00pm

Focus on TIRF and HILO Microcopy

Dr. Sven Konzack

TIRFM is generating the best signal to noise ratio and the best z-resolution in fluorescence microscopy, but it is limited to some hundred nm close to the glass surface. HILO overcomes this limitation and generates TIRF like signal to noise ratio in regions far above the glass surface even during fast time lapse imaging. Olympus has introduced a new, highly versatile, range of cutting-edge research microscope systems. The Olympus xcellence line covers advanced live cell techniques such as real-time high-speed imaging, TIRFM & HILO (cell^TIRF) and combines them with photo control such as FRAP, photo activation & laser cutting (cell^FRAP). What is more important, the Olympus xcellence range takes these techniques to the extreme through a complete series of new and innovative features that ensure researchers can continue breaking new ground in science.