Frontiers in Stem Cells & Cancer

H. Clevers, J. Massagué, T. Schwarz-Romond

EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

Sunday 29 March - Tuesday 31 March 2015


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  • Registration deadline: 15 February 2015
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Summary & Aims

This conference aims to establish an interactive forum for stem cell- and molecular biologists that study pluripotency and its impact on cancer. Major emphases are cancer growth- and stem cell self-renewal mechanisms, their regulation by epigenetic means and non-coding RNAs. As such, the meeting is designed to connect scientists working in some of the most-intensely studied areas of research, not usually interacting in a concise conference setting.


  • Stem Cells in Cancer
  • Stem Cells, Cancer & Metastasis
  • Stem Cell Aging & Metabolism
  • Non-Coding RNAs in Stem Cells
  • Epigenetics and Cancer Genomics
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