Biological Oscillators: Design, Mechanism, Function

A. Aulehla, U. Schibler, M. Elowitz

EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

Thursday 12 November - Saturday 14 November 2015


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Oscillations are abundant - from hormonal oscillations with periods of days and months, to genetic oscillations in the range of hours (circadian clock, embryonic oscillators) to metabolic and biochemical oscillations in the order of minutes (glycolytic oscillations) and seconds (Calcium-dynamics), oscillations are central to biology across different temporal and spatial scales.



  • Oscillation mechanisms across different scales: from circadian clock to embryonic oscillators to biochemical (metabolic) oscillations (and more), multiples disciplines will be all joined at this meeting in order to discuss common mechanisms underlying the generation of oscillations
  • Oscillation function: besides known clock functions, other emerging concepts of oscillatory dynamics as basis for temporal signal encoding mechanisms
  • Quantitative/imaging approaches in order to study oscillatory dynamics
  • Higher-order phenomena, such as coupled oscillators and synchronization in various context and at different scales
  • Mathematical modeling and computational approaches to oscillatory dynamics