13 - 16 October 2011

Structure and Dynamics of Protein Networks

The general aim of this symposium is to explore the possible synergisms and cross-talk between the large-scale and classical approaches to biological networks. It aims to bring together leading scientists from the “OMICS” field with leading structural and cell biologists to discuss scientific issues arising at the interface of these complementary fields. Possible avenues to populate current networks with dynamics and mechanistic insights that will ensure high levels of biological understanding and contribute to deciphering fundamental principles will be reviewed and investigated.

17 - 19 September 2011

Cancer Genomics

This symposium will provide an opportunity to learn about the rapidly progressing area of cancer genomics. It will incorporate presentations representing many of the major international cancer genome sequencing projects, as well as covering the areas of cancer epigenomics, mouse cancer models and the developments in both computational and bioinformatics fields that are required to manage, interpret and present these substantial datasets.

17 - 20 March 2011

Seeing is Believing – Imaging the Processes of Life

The processes of life are naturally dynamic in space and time from the molecular to the organismal level. The rapid development of imaging methods across this full scale of biological organisation has revolutionised our ability to directly visualise the inner workings of proteins, protein complexes, organelles, cells, tissues, organs and whole organisms and ecosystems. With this symposium we aim to bring together the leading developers of imaging methods with cutting edge applications that illustrate how imaging can answer biological questions.