Location & dates EMBL Heidelberg, Germany 8 - 11 Nov 2020
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Dance Theater - Oscillation

Participants of the EMBO|EMBL Biological Oscillators Symposium have the opportunity to attend the world premiere of the dance theatre work "Oscillation", by Iván Pérez, at Heidelberg Theater. Please select the option when registering for the Symposium.

Oscillation - Dance Theater

Iván Pérez | world premiere

 »Oscillation« is the third part of Iván Pérez's trilogy on the Millennial Generation. The series looks at those born between 1980 and 2000 through dance, music and visual arts. After »Impression« and »Dimension«, the cycle closes with live orchestra and new music by Ferran Cruixent.

United by the human principle of curiosity and inquiry, dance and science meet in a creative dialogue for »Oscillation«. A special interdisciplinary collaboration between the artistic team and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) is being developed around the work. Current scientific research on the collective behaviour of cells and their various oscillation processes will inspire and influence the creation of the piece. In the way the dancers move and communicate on stage, exciting parallels can be found with regard to the ideas of emergence and synchronicity. In this sense, concepts of swarming will appear in choreography and the intuition of the individual in relation to its environment will be illuminated by means of an interdisciplinary approach. Do cells really act and think as a collective?

Choreography and Direction Iván Pérez | Music Ferran Cruixent | Light Design Tanja Rühl | Video Design Bogomir Doringer | Costumes Carlijn Petermeijer | Head of the research group at EMBL Alexander Aulehla | Choreographic Assistant Leonardo Rodrigues | Dramaturgy Jenny Mahla | Production Management Svea Herrmann/ Eva Bergdolt | Pedagogy Gaëlle Morello


Premiere 9. November 2020

Marguerre-Saal, Theater und Orchester Heidelberg